A JBL® Bluetooth® Speaker & Dimmable LED Light

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    Fits most standard light sockets.
  2. TURN IT ON.
    Controlled wirelessly.
  3. TURN IT UP.
    Plays music, movies and podcasts.

Instant Speaker
  • Pulse is designed to fit seamlessly in 5-6" recessed light cans, so now you can set up an in-ceiling speaker system in minutes.
  • Pulse also fits in other standard sockets (E26), including many lamps and pendants.
  • With Pulse, there's no need to take up precious counter space with a boxy speaker. And there's no need to run speaker cables or power cords, or deal with batteries or remote.
  • Connect up to 8 Pulse bulbs; there's no easier way to enjoy whole-home stereo sound.
Singled Blub

Wireless Dimmable LED Light Lasts 20 Years

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  • The BR30 LED inside of Pulse is rated for 25,000 hours of life - that's 20x longer than the typical incandescent bulb. At 3 hours of use per day, Pulse can last over 20 years.
  • Pulse uses only 15W to deliver the brightness of a 55W incandescent bulb, providing an estimated $125 in energy-savings over the life of the Pulse bulb.
  • Pulse's warm white light is fully dimmable, perfect for setting the right mood.
Mobile tablet
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play any audio from your smartphone or tablet through your Pulse bulbs.
  • You can stream your favorite music, podcast, or big game in any room of your home.
  • The Pulse mobile app allows you to dim bulbs separately or as a group, control volume, change equalizer settings, and set the audio channel of each bulb for stereo sound.
  • Pulse is compatible with a large range of devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android.

Starter kits include 1 master and 1 satellite bulb. Master bulbs work independently of each other. To add bulbs to a starter kit, purchase additional satellites (up to 6 more).
Pulse Starter Kit
+ Free 3rd Bulb($70 Retail Value)

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Tech Specs


1.75" Full-Range High-Fidelity JBL® Loudspeakers - 13 Watts (Max.) @ 8ohms / bulb


No wires, remote controls or power cords required.

Connect up to 8 bulbs (1 Master + up to 7 Satellite Bulbs) for whole home audio.


BR30 LED bulb, Brightness: 600 lumens, Color Temperature: 2700K, Ra:80, Light beam angle: 105°


Available colors: Pewter, Candy Apple, and Pearl White


Power Supply: 100~120V, 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 15W (light and audio), 30W (at peak)


Socket types: E26


What’s in a Pulse Starter Kit?

A Pulse Starter Kit contains one (1) Pulse Master bulb and one (1) Pulse Satellite bulb. They come paired already so you can enjoy surround sound right out of the box by pairing your Bluetooth device to the Master bulb.

What’s the difference between a Master and Satellite bulb?

The Master bulb is what your smart devices connect to via Bluetooth to control lighting and music for the whole system. Satellite bulbs are connected to the Master bulb and cannot be used by themselves. A Master bulb can support up to 7 different Satellite bulbs (or 6 Satellites plus Pulse Amp subwoofer adapter, sold separately) for a truly immersive experience. Two Master bulbs cannot connect to each other.

Can I play music with the lights turned off and vice versa?

Yes! The speaker and lights can be controlled independently with the Pulse app.


From tweeters to lumens, everything you need to know about Pulse is right here.
  • Download Pulse Quick Start Guide 6 May 2015 528.89 KB
  • Download Pulse User Manual 6 May 2015 8.64 MB
  • Download Pulse Limited Written Express Warranty 6 May 2015 4.98 MB